Account Types

FirewoodFX provides 5 account types with 2 options of pricing format

Minimum DepositUSD 10USD 10USD 10USD 10USD 200
Base CurrencyUSC (1 USD=100 USC)USD
Contract Size per 1 lotUSC 100,000USD 10,000USD 100,000USD 100,000USD 100,000
Value 1 lot per pip / per point*USC 10 per pip /
USC 1 per point
USD 1 per pip /
USD 0.1 per point
USD 10 per pip /
USD 1 per point
USD 10 per pip /
USD 1 per point
USD 10 per pip /
USD 1 per point
Minimum Trade Size0.01 lot (1000)0.01 lot (100)0.01 lot (1000)0.01 lot (1000)0.01 lot (1000)
Maximum Open Position200 positions
LeverageUp to 1:1000
from 1 Pip
from 3 Pips
from 2 Pips
from 0.3 Pip
from 0 Pip
Pricing Format5-digits (1.23456) (.c suffix)5-digits (1.23456) (.m suffix)4-digits (1.2345) (.fw suffix)
5-digits (1.23456) (.f suffix)
5-digits (1.23456) (.e suffix)5-digits (1.23456) (No suffix)
SwapYes, Islamic account available
Stop and Limit Levels2 Pips
Stopout Level20%

Note: Although the spreads are fixed, during low-liquidity period (Example: News releases, Major economic events, Asia Session, etc), slippage may occur. Having open positions and pending orders (Stop/Limit Orders,SL/TP) during scheduled economic event are discouraged.

High Risk trading strategies involving toxic flow, High Frequency Trading, Arbitrage, and/or Latency trading are discouraged and need to be communicated to the company.

Additional execution spread will be applied during End of Day / Rollover period (at 16.50 - 18.00 EST*)
  • 21:50-23:00 server time during DST / Winter Time (around November - March)
  • 20:50-22:00 server time during DST-off / Summer Time (around March - Nov)

* For USD quoted pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc)

Contract Specification

SymbolStandard Account
Contract Size
Required Margin
1:100 Leverage
Required Margin
1:1000 Leverage
EURUSD2 Pips1000001000 EUR100 EUR
GBPUSD3 Pips1000001000 GBP100 GBP
USDJPY2 Pips1000001000 USD100 USD
USDCHF4 Pips1000001000 USD100 USD
AUDUSD3 Pips1000001000 AUD100 AUD
USDCAD4 Pips1000001000 USD100 USD
EURJPY3 Pips1000001000 EUR100 EUR
GBPJPY6 Pips1000001000 GBP100 GBP
EURGBP4 Pips1000001000 EUR100 EUR
EURCHF4 Pips1000001000 EUR100 EUR
AUDCAD8 Pips1000001000 AUD100 AUD
AUDCHF8 Pips1000001000 AUD100 AUD
AUDJPY7 Pips1000001000 AUD100 AUD
AUDNZD16 Pips100000100 0 AUD100 AUD
CADCHF6 Pips1000001000 CAD100 CAD
CADJPY4 Pips1000001000 CAD100 CAD
CHFJPY5 Pips1000001000 CHF100 CHF
EURAUD7 Pips1000001000 EUR100 EUR
EURCAD7 Pips1000001000 EUR100 EUR
EURHUF51 Pips1000001000 EUR100 EUR
EURNZD8 Pips1000001000 EUR100 EUR
EURSEK0.151000001000 EUR100 EUR
GBPAUD8 Pips1000001000 GBP100 GBP
GBPCAD8 Pips1000001000 GBP100 GBP
GBPCHF7 Pips1000001000 GBP100 GBP
GBPNZD12 Pips1000001000 GBP100 GBP
NZDCAD8 Pips1000001000 NZD100 NZD
NZDCHF8 Pips1000001000 NZD100 NZD
NZDJPY7 Pips1000001000 NZD100 NZD
NZDUSD4 Pips1000001000 NZD100 NZD
USDNOK51 Pips1000001000 USD100 USD
USDSEK0.15 SEK1000001000 USD100 USD
XAGUSDUSD 0.0511000 OZ1000*XAGUSD Rate*1%1000*XAGUSD Rate*1%
XAUUSDUSD 0.51100 OZ100*XAUUSD Rate*1%100*XAUUSD Rate*0.1%
BTCUSDFloating10 BTC10*BTCUSD Rate*100%10*BTCUSD Rate*10%
ETHUSDFloating10 ETH10*ETHUSD Rate*100%10*ETHUSD Rate*10%
USOILFloating1000 Units1000*USOIL rate*10%1000*USOIL rate*1%
US30Floating10 Units10*US30 rate*50%10*US30 rate*5%
SPX500Floating10 Units10*SPX500 rate*50%10*SPX500 rate*5%
NAS100Floating10 Units10*NAS100 rate*50%10*NAS100 rate*5%